New website storefront - plus new painting!

I have been in the process (and still am) of adding Original art pieces to a new storefront on my website at
You can find a few of my newer 10x10" paintings which are acrylic and metal leaf. Also some of my recent very popular pencil and graphite drawings with Copper leaf.

 I had a number of commissions for these and so in between I did some extras for the website.
£35 including Postage. (Should you wish to commission a different image for the same price, please drop me a note!)
I have also added a new piece which was initially created as a study for a larger painting. Somehow she just wanted to be completed properly, and so she was... 

Drawing Down The Moon
Acrylic, metal leaf and Graphite

 In other news I also have a Facebook group attached to my official Facebook page, in which people can view short demos, ask questions and share 'art advice'.
If you fancy joining the fun please request to join here... 

In the meantime.. thanks for checking out my new store page - link below! 


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