Walking the earth (Part 2)

Settling in: There were flowers, and housewarming cards, and visitors. We made a blank canvas more cosy while we found new homes for our furniture... or tried to.
I reacquainted myself with some old places, old friends... and new places.
We explored... we went out for dinner... we looked forward to all the things that were now becoming possible and within reach. All the things that had for the last 18 years been difficult and far away from Cornwall.

*Burghley House Christmas Food Festival... I can recomend the Gin... and the Vodka*

*Many walks round Burghley estate... the Deer park is magical (although they are quite camera shy sadly!!)
*I however am not camera shy... in my new shawl from the fair at Burghley... an early xmas present *
*We even had Santa & his reindeer come to town for the Christmas festival & lights switch on. I sipped hot Mulled wine to keep out the cold that day *

*Our first Christmas here... and we have snow on Boxing day! Exciting for my Husband as growing up in Cornwall he has seen snow quite rarely... and never quite so much of it*

Our adventures 'up Country' (as the Cornish say) have taken us on a quest to find as many Castles as we can, and along the way we have discovered some beautiful and wonderfully wild places. Rich with history and emotion and for me, those places are the most magical. The ancient ruins and the hill forts that have long since fallen away into the dirt. 
From the fossil beaches of Norfolk, to the beautiful and ancient City of York. From a small village not 20 minutes from my home, where Mary Queen Of Scots met her executioner... to the wilds of Scotland and Stirling Castle, where Mary was crowned Queen as a child.
How much have we done in 7 months? How many places have we seen? 
Keep reading... ;)


  1. I am really looking forward to a proper catch up now we are closer. :D


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