Walking the earth - New beginnings or just a new Chapter? (Part one)

Since I last posted here, my life has taken a bit of a leap. First of all, last Summer we said goodbye to our dear Nimnog (Nimh the Basset Hound), who at the grand old age of 10 had gotten to a point where her cancer was no longer treatable and she was beginning to look at us with sad eyes and we knew it was time to let her rest. Shortly afterwards we realised it was also time for us to make some big changes.
 I have now left behind Cornwall, & travelled 7 hours North, to Lincolnshire where my Husband and I now live.
Its much closer to my family, where I grew up in Cambridgeshire, and also you can get a lot more for your money up here, so Hubby & I are finding ourselves bitten by the travelling bug :)
We have started to think seriously about getting ourselves some larger transport to fit a sleeping area in the back for longer adventures. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions over the past 12 months, but finally, this year we are having some fun again.

I may no longer have the sea on my doorstep to inspire me, but as my blog title suggests, I am 'Made of Earth & Sea'... and so now perhaps it is the time of the earth to nourish & inspire both me & my art.

So where shall we begin? October 2014...
*Farewell visits to the sea*
*Packed up my studio under the eaves*
*Emptied the rooms of all our belongings*
*Closed the kitchen*
*The last night I would see my little studio doorway from the lounge*
*Said goodbye to all my work colleagues at The Pasty Line (Best Pasties in Cornwall for sure... seek them out if you are ever in Helston. Up on the industrial estate, Open 10am - 2-pm )*
*Stacked our belongings by the door*
*In the dead of night we started to load our van*
*Waving goodbye to Helston*
*10 hours later (heavy vans arent very speedy!) we arrive in our new home town*
*Unpacking... well, it's pretty exhausting*
*My studio stayed like that for a while*
*But eventually I got there....*
Part 2 to follow....( there will be a few to catch up completely ;) )


  1. Lovely to read your journey, and I'm glad you're blogging again :D


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