'The Sight - Freyja'

"The Cold offered me Lays out there
The Rain sent me often Songs
Other Ballads the Wind brought me 
The Waves carried them to the Shore 
Birds shaped Words into Tones 
Talking sounded from the Crowns of Trees." 

~Excerpt from The Kalevala~ The Shamanic songs of Seidr

Seidr is originally a Norse shamanic tradition, or could be seen as an old Scandinavian form of magic with strong shamanic traits. Seidr, in Norse seiðr (pronounced somewhat like say-th, where ð is pronounced like th in there) was a living tradition used for divination and transformation up until middle or late Viking age.

The ritual structure of seidr consists of magic song, staff, and a ritual seat. It is the combination of all three elements, used in a shamanic way, that gives the unique quality of seidr.

Freyja is attributed with teaching Seidr to Odin, & introducing the Shamanic magic practises to the Aesir.

*Charcoal & putty rubber on paper*



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