Freyja, Sibeal & Selkie...

I guess I've been busier with my pencil & paints than I have with my blogging of late.
If you follow my Facebook page then you will have seen them all, hopefully, but for those that don't, here they are... :)

Freyja, the Norse Goddess returned to visit my muse. She appeared from beneath my pencil by her own will, & I just went along for the ride. Fierce & strong & beautiful... she will be back again I think.

'Freyja's Halls'

She will perhaps become a painting too.
My love of all things Norse grows ever stronger, I am now wanting so much to paint Odin or some weather worn Viking. Particularly when I listen to such amazing music as this by Wardruna....
It sends a shiver down my spine & feels somewhat tribal & earthy.
I even have it playing on my headphones while I walk to work in the mornings :) (On the mornings that I don't have Cyndi Lauper singing that is...)

Then there are the inspirational writings of  the wonderfully lovely & ever so kind Juliet Marillier
Her breathtaking Celtic tale of  Sibeal & a shipwrecked man, in 'Seer Of Sevenwaters', inspired me to scribble away with my pencil until I captured Sibeal's likeness on my paper.
On her way to the cove to gather seaweed...


Many thanks to Juliet for re-posting the image to her Facebook page to share with her fans :) 
And of course, even bigger thanks for writing such beautiful books... I have read them all, & wish that the Sevenwaters saga could continue forever :)
Please do go visit her there & say hello. x

More sketches to free the muse...( the bottle of red helped a little of course :) )

Began working on ideas for a commissioned series of illustrations to accompany magical words about a Selkie & a man she loves. 

'On land at last - a Selkie sheds her skin'

Watch this space for the rest... & then you must buy the book of course! :)


  1. :::sigh::: Gorgeous work, as always! :)

  2. I'm in love with your Sibeal painting! It's absolutely stunning!
    And I'd love to see your Freyja developping further. Will check out the music, too. I feel currently quite haunted (in a good way) by northern things and themes and what not... :D

  3. hello Julia,

    it is so wonderful to see each piece that you are breathing life into!

    thank you for sharing these links as well.

    lovely spring to you~


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