'Encanto' CD cover artwork

"Encanto is defined as enchantment, delight, fascination, and in some uses, magic.  It's also sort of a play on words because "canto" is in it, which is the Spanish word for singing." ~M.Lopez~

A perfect choice then, for the title of the debut CD of Martha Lopez Soprano, accompanied by  Lurray Myers piano. A beautiful mix of Spanish & South American opera.
I was lucky enough to have been commissioned by Martha to create her website banner a while back, so when she asked me to paint the cover of the forthcoming CD aswell, I was overjoyed!

I took inspiration from the english translation of some of the song lyrics for the cover image. Tales of longing, and love, & joy with a Spanish theme.
Martha's love of music is always evident when she sings, and in her musical choices for this album.
Even those who are not lovers of opera cannot fail to enjoy the songs here.

To celebrate the release, Martha & Lurray will perform selections from the recording LIVE for your enjoyment!

Please visit this Facebook event page to note your interest http://www.facebook.com/events/324704440968520/

To be a part of this live, interactive event, all you need to do is point your web browers to this address on Thursday, February 7 at 8 pm:

I wish Martha every success with this release, & look forward to many more in the future also!

~Encanto - J. Guthrie 2013~


  1. A lovely cover for the CD - hope it's a success for Martha.

  2. Beautiful painting...have taken note of date/time to hear selection from CD live! :)

  3. Julia, this is so beautiful, such a gorgeous cover.
    If i saw this on a CD i would want to hear the music!


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