My new Hobbity home

November was the month that we moved into our new Hobbit house. A 17th century Cornish town house with open fires, whitewashed walls, hobbit sized doors, & wonky floorboards!
 My art studio is a lovely big room, with plenty of space to spread out. And I have the perfect rustic old fashioned kitchen for when I have time to bake delicious things :)

It's been a busy few months with the move & my day job, so not a lot has happened artistically speaking.
I have however just completed a painting that is winging it's way to Florida right now to become the cover of a CD of Spanish opera songs very shortly! I will keep you posted as to when it will be available. The music is just stunning...

The weather here has been terrible. So much rain. We've had our fair share of flooding in Helston & my heart goes out to anyone in the UK who has been affected. 
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, & lets all wish for a very joyful, & a considerably drier 2013 xxx


  1. Oh, it looks utterly gorgeous, what a splendid (and picturesque) way to start a new year with!

  2. Your new home looks lovely, and congrats on the CD cover, cant wait to see it. Best wishes for 2013, Joy xx

  3. It looks so incredbily perfect. Wonderful!!! :D

  4. You have such a beautiful home! Thank you for sharing it with us. I love the fireplace and the cosy little windows! Happy New Year blessings to you and yours.

  5. Your new home looks lovely, I love those deep windowsills and the open fire. I've felt so sorry for the people in the areas that have been flooded so badly. Let's hope that things get better in the New Year.

  6. Lovely cosy looking home you have, and such sweet windows to look out of!! Can't wait to see the CD cover you have designed! Best wishes for the New Year :)

  7. Just amazing. So lovely. Have a wonderful New Year's.

  8. Congratulations, wishing you health and happiness in your new home and blessings for the New Year and 2013.


    ps: I still haven't forgotten to look for the photgraph our my Granmother's home - just time.

  9. Such a beautiful home… be happy there.

  10. Oh I am so envious! What a beautiful house. Just like it's in a fairy tale.

  11. this home is, i'm sure, straight out of your dreams and imaginations, i am wildly excited for you.

    i absolutely adore it. your mark is upon it.



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