Sunset, sea glass & seals...

What else could we do on a Wednesday evening - a day of beautiful spring sunshine, after weeks of rain? We pack a flask of tea, grab dinner from the Chip shop & head straight to the beach  of course. :)
A spot of beach combing didn't provide much driftwood unfortunately, but it did gift me with some lovely unusual treasures! A huge piece of glistening green sea glass was pounced upon as soon as I saw very tactile & special. Then my Husband wanders up clutching a very curious object indeed... a metal shining gold man, at least the length of my hand! Where did he come from I wonder? What lost, shipwrecked item has he fallen from?
I am looking forward to finding a way to include him in one of my driftwood hearts!! 
You truly  never know quite what you will find amongst the seaweed & pebbles...

Then, as we sat by the water to watch the sun set...all milky blue skies and golden clouds... a little black head popped out of the calm waves right in front of us.
A SEAL!! We exclaimed :)
Very exciting for us, as we've never seen one that close. And we've been visiting that beach for years.
He appeared to be having a leisurely swim along the shore, popping up every now & again. When suddenly he was right back in front of us again & did a little swoosh up out of the water & a very energetic dive. I like to think he was showing off for our benefit... heehee :)
We sat there for a good 10 minutes watching his laps around the small bay, before the sun sank ever lower, & my dog decided her feet were getting chilly & so attempted to climb onto my lap & lie down.
I say attempted because she is a rather large Basset Hound, & can only get her front half onto my
 We reached home just before the sun disappeared, and so I grabbed my camera for a quick pic out of my studio window to the hills beyond... to show you how stunning it had been!

Sunsets never fail to amaze me with their beauty... no matter how many I see.

I have been enjoying my driftwood creations a lot lately. I find it so meditative to play with driftwood & glue, & shells. My newest 'hearts' are my favourites though. I have one in my lounge & plan to make a really huge one one day.
There are a few driftwood hearts left in my Etsy shop... & it may be a while before I can make any more for sale, as I never know when I will find a big haul of driftwood, & I'm almost out. Plus I have one or two commissions for when I do get more. 


  1. Such a perfect day and I love your driftwood creations too!

  2. I wonder how old that gold man is and what story he could tell?

  3. Wow, i loooove your beach finds, how intriguing is your metal man, I wonder what stories he could tell? Beautiful sunset, I love them too, how stunning to see that from your window. Im hoping there wil be a good one tonight as its been amazing all day. ps: reply to e-mail coming shortly, im saving it up as have lots to tell lol x x

  4. oooh, how wonderful - all of it :D
    I wonder where that *man* came from... and how old he is? I think I would never get tired of walking by the beach searching for treasure. :D

    And... I got the notification email about your entry! It works! Yay! :D

  5. Thank you Lisa! :)

    Jackie, it was a strange find indeed!!

    Thanks Ruthie, I love things like that..that make you wonder what sort of history something has had! :)
    Hope you got your lovely Scottish sunset!! It's been grey here ever

    Thanks Marta! :) Being near the sea does make me feel energised. I wish I could do it every day!

  6. Beautiful!

    A really large driftwood heart sounds fab :)

  7. I love seeing your posts about your driftwood creations and Cornwall. It's all so beautiful

  8. Such special treasures you found! Sometimes I think they have magical messages for us. I wonder what this little man wants to tell you and is it about the beautiful piece of glass?
    There's a seal in Devon we always see and I've named it 'Slipperdeedee'. (No idea why.)
    Jess xx

  9. How wonderful to see the seal so close and for so long, I've never seen one in the wild. I love your green seaglass, it's a beautiful colour and the gold man - he looks almost Egyptian.

  10. Vicki.. huge heart has now been created! LOL My muse didn't want to hang around :) x

    Thanks Nicole! xx

    Jess, The little man was picked up by my I think the message would be for him. While parts of it were eroded by the sea, other parts were still shining golden! That has to be a good message for anyone I think :D
    Both he & the glass are now part of a massive heart I've just finished making. Will get photos asap!
    Slipperdeedee...heehee...I think it's a very fitting name for a seal :)

    Thanks Rowan,it was wonderful. In all the yrs of us spending time at various beaches it's a wonder we have never seen one like that before! It did make us smile :)

  11. This is a lovely post, you make amazing art from your driftwood Julia. I love your finds! something I used to love too when I lived by the sea was all the wonderful things that you can find beachcombing, but i'v never found anything like your metal man, that is fantastic :-)


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