Tales from the sea...

~The net of dreams~
"She stood at the open door hours later, watching the moon wander through an indigo sky, watching the path it made across the sea constantly break apart and mend itself: the road into dreams, into the summer isles. She listened to the sea breathe." 

"Even in the middle of this island, at the farthest point from the sea, I hear the tide, I know when it changes. 
I dream of the sea, I want to breathe it like air, I want to wear it like skin."

"Something moved within the darkness. It flowed across her vision until it blotted out one star, and then another. Her skin prickled again; her eyes grew wide as she tried to separate dark from dark. Was it the sea country rising from the depths of the sea? Was it some dream island that shifted by night from place to place? Was it some vast, dark, high riding wave? But the receding waves broke evenly, serenely against the shore. Still the darkness flowed until. by the outline of black against the stars and the foam she realised what it was.
 She stood up slowly. The sea dragon was riding on the surf..."
*Excerpts from 'The Changeling Sea' by Patricia McKillip*

And while I daydream of yesterdays visit to the beach as I string together hearts made of driftwood & copper wire, I will point you in the direction of my online shop... it has recently been re-filled with Cornish cottage windchimes & wall hangings adorned with shells & beautiful quotes from the likes of Rumi & Thich Nhat Hanh.
If you are a sea lover like myself, I hope it will breathe a little bit of magic Cornish sea air into your homes! 

And much more...


  1. What beautiful words to go with your pictures.

  2. I love that painting and I love your windchimes :) Especially the one which hands in my bathroom :)

  3. Beautiful Painting Julia :) and now I'm off for a visit to your shop!
    Jess xx

  4. Thank you Rowan :) It's one of my favourite books!

    Jackie, thank you hon! xxx

    Thanks Jess! xxx

  5. "I dream of the sea, I want to breathe it like air, I want to wear it like skin."

    Beautiful. Echoes my thoughts completely ♥ I really must get around to reading 'The Changeling Sea'.

    Your photographs and creations are captivating, as always. I think I've asked before, but what is the name of the beach pictured above? I'm hoping to explore your area of the woods more this season :)


  6. Your art work is fantastic! I am a new follower...I will be back to browse.

    Greetings from Wichita, Kansas!


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