"For she walks above the earth along the sea coast..."

"Happiness is salt in the air & the sound of crashing waves"
We had a beautiful Sunday wander today along the coastline close to home. We started off by stopping first at my Husband's shop in Helston town centre to pick up a takeaway coffee...lol
Then it was off to Gunwalloe village, past 'Fisherman's Cove' where the driftwood I use comes from, & round the headland to Dollar Cove. (Below) It is also the 'reference' for my painting 'Riven Tide' (Which you can see on the right side of this blog ...>)

While some areas of the country were having a brief, & somewhat last minute snow shower, we had beautiful sunshine. Perfect for a rest on the rocks to breathe in the invigorating sea air, while the waves roared up the beach & the tide edged ever closer.
A few photos snapped, & we walked the short track to Church Cove. Home of St Winwalloe, the magical 15th century church on the beach. We once met some holidaymakers on Fishermans cove who asked if we knew the way to Church cove. We pointed them in the right direction & they wistfully asked if it was true there is a Church which has been completely covered in sand.
They did seem a little disappointed when we told them that the church, while very pretty, & tucked into the shelter of the cliffs on the beach is not hidden by the sands & sadly for them is still very much in use! :)

Continuing across the grasses of the sand dunes between the beach & Mullion golf course, we headed up onto the cliff path...

 Over the hill and looking down towards Poldhu Cove & the grand Polurian Hotel on the cliffs...where I had my Wedding dinner :) Then it was back the way we came & home for a hot cup of tea to try & warm up a bit!!
If you visit this page on Poldhu, you can see a fabulous google map showing the exact path I have talked about here... http://www.cornwall-beaches.co.uk/Poldhu_Cove-beach.htm And if you feel so inclined, don't forget to try the google street view & you too can tour our Cornish roads :)


  1. How wonderful Julia you are an inspiration!

  2. Gorgeous pics Julia ~ thanks for sharing ~ ♥

  3. Guess what... I worked out how to follow your blog via the URL so you are now on my reading list here. :)) I noticed you had deleted your LJ- hope all is OK?

  4. Julia, i've just been washed up on your beach! :)
    Seriously, I really love your paintings. I'm a desperately trying to be better artist and my favourite theme is seascape, particularly huge seawaves crashing against rocks! Imagine how glad I was when I discovered your blog. Love your heading and your lovely quotation. (Love Cornwall, always enjoyed my visits there, coastline is just fantastic!)

    Thank you so much - I am inspired! :)

    Kindest regards

    Frank Keegan

  5. Hey Frank, nice to hear from a fellow lover of seascapes :)
    Very happy to read your comments, thank you! Do let me know if you get your art online!
    Welcome aboard...:) x


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