When art becomes life

I sit at a table in the rustic wooden building that is 'The Drunken Huntsman'. The fire glows & crackles invitingly, & peaceful Nordic taven music lulls me into a relaxed state.
Life in Skyrim can be quite magical at times.
I travel the Nordic Country of Skyrim, with my trusty horse, & if I choose, a friend or Husband, & a dog. No need to ever be lonely here!

I am not your typical 'gamer'. There aren't many I have played over the years, but having a Husband who has been in  the game retail business for the most part, I have had opportunities to try some out.
Back in the early days of Playstation we had a lot of fun with games like Alundra, then we discovered the 'Myst' series, & with 'Riven' life was changed forever...
The computer graphics were so astounding that it felt like we were on holiday somewhere unique & beautiful. It's a point & click adventure...I never liked 'fighting games' :)
We travelled this magical world solving puzzles & admiring some stunning scenery along the way. Then after Riven we moved to playing on PC & over the years we played all the 'Myst' series as they were released, the 'Zork' games (which have pretty much become cult classics now) & a fabulous adventure called 'Amerzone', amongst others.
I even bought all the music soundtracks to the Myst games as they are so beautiful. (Skyrim has an epic soundtrack...make sure you have a listen on youtube!)
Scene from 'Riven'

I sadly recall the day when I discovered there would be no more 'Myst' games. My most favourite computer game ever, & noone else was producing anything even remotely similar.
Skip forward to October 2010. I was in need of some recreational entertainment away from my PC. Life was stressful & I wanted some escapism.
I asked my Husband if he had any xbox or PS3 games in the shop that I might like... so he brought home a few. Indiana Jones Lego unfortunately lost my attention way back at the beginning...
The final game I tried was called 'Elder Scrolls: Oblivion'. There seemed to be a lot to get my head around...wielding weaponry & magic. Quests that involved battle... I wasn't keen. However, this virtual world was huge & looked amazing... so I persevered.
I am glad I did!
I fell in love with Oblivion, it's landscapes & all it's interactive characters. I was still utter rubbish at 'fighting' mind you... something would run at me (wolf, rat or man!) & my brain would go into panic mode... fingers would forget what buttons to press on the game controller & I'd be dead in seconds. lol
So I happily handed it over to Hubby for those bits, while I enjoyed all the more mundane quest activity :)

Oblivion was so large it took almost a year to complete, & the best thing was... that the next game in the series was due out that November!! :)
That game is 'Skyrim' & I am currently 3 months into it & going strong. My character is Lara, High Elf, adventurer, warrior & friend.
No longer do I need my Husband to fight for me....I have trained, & honed my skills, & crafted high quality armour. In Skyrim, followers are available to assist you on quests. I even married one of them, who cooks for me & works in our shop when he's not off adventuring with me! lol
It is my new 'Myst'...only better...and with Dragons!!
Lara, Gypsy Cob & Vorstag on a roadtrip :)
With these rich, detailed & atmospheric landscapes, comes the excited muse.
As an artist it makes me want to paint my own 'Myst' or 'Skyrim' inspired pieces... but there is only a jumbled idea in my head that never seems to come out.
Once upon a time I wanted to create 'Riveny' art...after the 1st Myst game we played. I still do. I long to create a painting that captures the essence of 'Myst' because it's too hard to describe in words. It is a combination of all the things we loved...from the scenery, to the architecture, to the interiors, & just the magical element of it's uniqueness. Nowhere really exists like this.
For anyone who saw the 3D movie 'Avatar' & fell in love with the world, it is a bit like that!
The Inn at Riverwood
So for now I continue on my journeys in Skyrim... camera at the ready (yes..I mean in 'real life'!!) because I do plenty of nerdy things, like sitting down to watch the world go by, or going for a road trip with my horse just to find Blue Mountain flowers & marvel at the sights. Or stopping to stare at the beauty of a waterfall or a babbling brook, not merely because they look so much like the real thing, but because they LOOK real - and I know that they are not! The talent of computer programmers today is just breathtaking.
It is an art in itself & I don't think they always get the praise that they deserve.

We may not all live surrounded by snow capped mountains or sparkling waterfalls, but I wonder what sort of world it could be if we chose to look at our everyday surroundings with as much awe as some of us do with our computer games & paintings.
Signpost outside the city of Whiterun
A thought worth pondering...

Click here... to browse my travel adventure photos in SKYRIM :)

Click above to play the tavern music currently playing on my game :)


  1. I've never done any gaming but this does sound the kind of thing that I'd enjoy if I did. No X-box or whatever else it is that you need to play these games though. The music is nice, very relaxing to listen to.

  2. It's nice to have a little escape to other worlds sometimes :)
    By the way, all are available on PC too.
    I think you can actually download the Zork games for free now as they are quite old, but probably still as much fun :D

  3. When my children were younger they used to play the pc Harry potter games. I played the first one and went through the quest and really enjoyed it. :) Then had a go at Lord Of the rings (fellowship)I was a bit rubbish and didn't like fighting wolves :(
    Then my son got a ps2 and I was terrible with the controls on that.Although I did enjoy a horse riding game that my daughter had. Skyrim looks amazing. I could be tempted to buy for pc. The trouble is I know that I would become addicted and not much work would get done? ;) Thanks for sharing Julia x

  4. Heeheeh, I love this entry :D
    And I've come across your post just now that I've logged off Lord of the Rings online. ;)


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